“ThSarah Jane Brown out on the Pembrokeshire Coaste familiar coastal landscape near my home in Pembrokeshire is source material for my painting.  I walk, photograph, sketch and make painted studies. From these I continue my practise in the studio; early representational work becoming looser as I engage with the physical aspect of painting. I use colour and gesture to convey the sensations of light and space, the elemental forces of nature, and the emotions that are often unleashed by the experience.”

Sarah Jane Brown


Sarah Jane Brown lives in the heart of the spectacular Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in West Wales.  Born in 1970, she had been painting for more than 20 years before studying as a mature student. She specialised in Fine Art Painting at the West Wales School of the Arts, where she was awarded a First Class Honours Degree and named student of the year.  Since graduating Sarah Jane Brown’s career as a full time professional artist continues to gain momentum and recognition, she has exhibited widely (See EXHIBITIONS) and her work is now attracting collectors throughout the UK and overseas.

Her expressive style combines a variety of techniques; staining and glazing in thin layers, building up to often very thick and textured impasto. Conceptually her paintings are an outpouring of personal feeling rather than representations of actual ‘views’.  Most of the works remain recognisable as landscapes, but are open to interpretation. Many offer a duality, using the landscape metaphorically to describe thoughts and emotions.



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