Dictionary definition:   ‘fugitive’

  • noun – a person who has escaped from captivity or is in hiding: e.g. fugitives from justice.
  • adjective – quick to disappear; fleeting: e.g. the fugitive effects of light.

This series explores the fleeting nature of the remote coastal environment; momentary experiences of weather, sea & sky, endlessly changing colour and light. There is also something more introspective and intimate about these observations which are both visual and experiential; the feeling of escape. Sometimes this is a heart racing sense of freedom, whilst other works emote the ‘security’ of isolation; hiding from the world.

Sarah Jane Brown‘s expressive style combines an array of techniques; staining and glazing in thin fluid layers, sfumato (blending), or thick, textured impasto. Her paintings are an outpouring of personal feeling and sense of place, rather than representations of specific ‘views’. They purposely retain some ambiguity; to ‘metaphorically’ describe thoughts and emotions.

“In the studio, the fluid gestural medium of paint lends itself to echoing the sensations of being out in the elements, whilst simultaneously providing a visual ‘language’ which allows me to vent my feelings. 

The seemingly cryptic titles are often just snippets of poetry or my own windswept thoughts.”

Sarah Jane Brown  

Sarah is a full time professional artist and has exhibited widely, including shows throughout the UK, London and New York. She has had several successful solo shows as well as completing a 3 month full time Residency at Oriel y Parc (Gallery & Visitor centre for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park). She has also had works selected for the ‘Cork Street Open’ in Mayfair and The Royal Society of Marine Artists at the prestigious ‘Mall Galleries’.

Born in 1970, Sarah spent the first decade of her working life in various jobs as crew on boats or ships, so she understands the sea in all its states very well. She later studied Art & Design at Pembrokeshire College, then specialised in Fine Art Painting at the West Wales School of the Arts. She lives and works in the heart of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Click here to see the works in this series…

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